How I Write

Hi gang, Welcome to the very first “Wood’s Lore” Blog. In it I will try to stay connected with readers and friends on themes that are significant to me, and that I think you might be interested in as well. Let’s start with an “easy” one: How I Write
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Why I Write

Well, I guess I write, mostly, because I’ve found that I can’t not write. (How’s that for sentence structure?) I hasten to add that the fact that I can’t not write isn’t a timeless and priceless little nugget of truth that I have safely tucked away and never forget. No. I have forgott
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Surprise for a Lifetime

Yesterday came notification that I am to be awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the MN. Association for Environmental Education. Having had no idea that I was even under consideration, this came as quite a shock. More moving still was news that I had been nominat
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