The Waiting Pines

The afternoon sun gilds the trunks of red pines with gold as they await the coming of the first winter storm. Squirrels spiral up and down, tails flying. All is bustle and commotion among all the forest creatures prepare for what they sense is coming. 
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An Old Log

A gray and darkening day. A rising wind. A last few skeins of geese arrowing down the great river. I take a break from working in the woods to sit on a favorite log, in a special place called Galleons Lap, named in honor of my old friend, Winnie-the-Pooh. Pines toss their heads in the
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A Surprising Leaf…

This is a mulberry leaf, from our “golden surprise” tree, the last one holding its leaves in the forest.
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The Surprising Tree

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Old Glory Waves

On a beautiful Veterans Day , Old Glory waves from our old cabin in the woods… <img data-attachment-id="3237" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="
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