Christmas Wishes 2016

Approximately 2017 years ago an infant was born to an unwed, teen-aged mother, delivered into poverty in a troubled corner of the world. About 33 years later he died, put to death by the clergy and politicians of his day. Some said the infant was holy, others said the man became holy
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Is That What It Will Take? by Bryan Wood

My son Bryan Wood is a professional naturalist and environmental educator. He is also an extraordinary musician, and performs often with our WildSpirit Band. In this beautiful song he combines all his skills and passion in one beautiful, powerful statement. It is the right moment for
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Old Turtle stands guard.

On a beautiful Veterans Day, Old Turtle stands guard on the American flag, by the cabin in the woods.
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Canoe Restoration

Last week I finished restoration on my old friend the Bluebird, my blue Old Town Columbia canoe. This week was the turn of my even older friend, the Pistachio Princess, pal and partner through so many of my guiding years. She’s a Mad River, mist-green, wood -trimmed Explorer, st
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The icy river groans and booms

The canoe is covered up with snow; Of course, there’s nowhere it could go On such an evening, still and cold, Just like the wintertimes of old. The icy river groans and booms And sighs of spring and pastel blooms, Which still might come – can’t say they won’t;
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Caretakers’ Cabin

It is a bright, quiet Sunday at the Church In The Pines. The nuthatches broadcast their patriotic sensibilities (“Yank, Yank, Yank.”) The red-bellied woodpecker asks his little “Whrrrrll? Whrrrrll? Whrrrrll???” question, which no one seems sure how to answer. A
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The golden sun warms the good earth

The golden sun warms the good earth as…. well, not so much, really. Our distant star casts a cold light across the frozen snow fields west of Pine Point, Minnesota.
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Golden Day

White snow. Blue sky. Brown logs. Silver icicles. Golden day.
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Road Less Traveled

Snow falls in the pines

This morning, before the approaching doom of the next, final, and cataclysmic blizzard of the century, there is much “yank, yank, yank”-ing going on in the woods. And “chickadee-dee-dee”-ing, and “caw, caw, caw”-ing and “jay, jay, jay”-i
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