Is That What It Will Take? by Bryan Wood

My son Bryan Wood is a professional naturalist and environmental educator. He is also an extraordinary musician, and performs often with our WildSpirit Band. In this beautiful song he combines all his skills and passion in one beautiful, powerful statement. It is the right moment for
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Once upon a winter-time

Once upon a winter-time, On a chilly, windless night, Where the pines stood still and dark And the drifts below were white, I heard an owl hoot softly In the deep and darkened wood, And I shivered just a little In the shadows where I stood. I wondered what an owl might sense That we w
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Golden Day

White snow. Blue sky. Brown logs. Silver icicles. Golden day.
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Road Less Traveled

The terrorist woodchuck Punxatawney Phil

The terrorist woodchuck Punxatawney Phil has evidently sentenced us to another 6 months, uh… weeks, of winter. He is, according to all the furred and feathered members of the Church In The Pines, an animal of very low morals and ill repute, who let his 15 minutes of fame from a
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Red Fox in the Pines

This “Red-Headed Stranger” stopped by the Church In The Pines today while making his rounds on the river… The Red-Headed Stranger looking for suet around the feeders…    
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Goodbye to Pete Seeger

The sun set this day on the earthly life of Pete Seeger – a heroic figure and role model in many ways, a fine musician and citizen of the world. His light will shine on.
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Hoarfrost day

A freezy, hoarfrost day among our friends, the old pines..
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Sun Has Kissed the Snow

The sun has kissed the snow so deep, Where all the frozen flowers sleep; It’s gone around the world somewhere, To spin it’s gold, so bright and fair; While here we sleep all through the night, Where moon and stars cast gentle light; But with the dawn, the sun is ours; Hush
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The Changing Hours

All we know of earth and sky Is what we see with mortal eye; The changing hours from day to night, The growing dark, the fading light; And yet the heart can see there’s more, Beyond the sea, the unseen shore, From day to night, from night to day, We can’t remain, we sail a
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